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Why The ESL Video Network?

We eat, sleep and breath gaming which means we can give you the power you need to take your career to the next level. Unlike other networks we are experienced and trusted with clients worldwide to get you sponsorship deals, from product reviews to live events. We work very closely with each of our partners to get you suitable deals, provide support and help with anything else you need. Tied in with our powerful dashboard and the ability to reuse any ESL content, we provide everything you need so you can focus more on creating great content.
Use ESL VoDs and Photos

ESL is known for it’s competitive tournaments from all around the world. As a partner you can re-use every heart pumping moment captured by ESL in your videos, montages, news videos and more. You will be able to use VoDs, Photos and videos.

Free ESL Premium

Every ESL Partner can get access to Premium, this gives you premium cups, no ads, achievements and more.

Competitive Revenue Share

ESL offers a high starting revenue share that can grow based on your channel size. The base rev share we offer is 80%

Payment Methods

Paypal, Wire and Webmoney are available as payment options for our partners. Unlike most networks ESL offers more than one payment method, giving you a payment method that works best.

Sponsorship offers

ESL has built up an established relationship with game publishers, product manufacturers and more. Meaning they come to us first when looking for an influencer for a sponsorship.

Hands on Support

The ESL team works very closely with it’s partners and provides top class support. We also provide multi-language support

Powerful Dashboard

The ESL Dashboard contains anayltics, guides and more, so that you have less to worry about.

Referral System

The ESL Network offers a great way for you to earn additional revenue by bringing other partners into our network.

Our Partners

Here are just a few examples of our partners and what we've done for them.
CS:GO YouTuber
Mrtweeday is a CS:GO YouTuber with over 658,000 subscribers. ESL has worked with him on multiple sponsorship’s and even sent him to multiple event’s such as ESL One.
League of Legends, Multi-gaming YouTuber
HandOfBlood is a multi-gaming YouTuber with over 680,000 subscribers.
Overwatch YouTuber/Twitch Streamer
Alphacast is one of the biggest French Overwatch YouTubers with over 80,000 Subscribers and a member of the ESL team. He has been involved in building the French Overwatch community as a whole and was recently involved in a lot of projects at Gamescom 2016.
Super Buddy
Super Buddy
League of Legends, Pokemon Go Youtuber
SuperBuddy is a multi-gaming YouTuber with over 30,000 subscribers. He is newer to YouTube but since joining ESL his channel is growing fast. Gaining nearly 20k subscribers in the past 4 months.

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